30 Day Colour Challenge!

I love doing 30-day things. 30 days of doing something gives me the impression of actually persisting at it for a while, and at the same time, 30 days isn’t that long a period of time, so I’m not going “Oh my god, how many more days left?!”

I’ve sort of gone off making jewellery for the past couple of months. It’s not that I’ve lost interest in it, I think it’s just that I’ve become lazy. So, what better way to get back in the groove than to take on a 30-day colour challenge?


Starting tomorrow, I’m going to pick a palette a day from our favourite website – design-seeds.com – and make a piece of jewellery a day. I’m really quite excited about it!

Come back and see what I have in store for you. Every. Day. It’ll be fun. Really 🙂

~ Kirtana

Update: Here are links to all the completed challenges! 🙂

Lymphoma and Leukaemia Awareness Month

Lymphoma awareness month handmade earrings

This post might seem to come out of left-field, given our happy looking-back at last year a couple of days ago, but it’s something I’ve been wanting to write ever since I found these awareness ribbon-shaped earring forms a while ago. I remember wearing a red ribbon all through high school every December 1st, for AIDS awareness, and a pink wristband for breast cancer awareness. The ongoing Ice bucket challenge has garnered so much awareness and tremendous support for ALS, and has sparked much-needed discussion into why so little  funding is available for research being done on such devastating disorders. One of my favourite videos, in case you’re interested, is by a Professor at the University of Zurich. It talks about the same thing – in four languages, mind you -and his entire lab takes the challenge.

We don’t want to take away any of the spotlight from ALS, but the entire movement got us thinking. Awareness is so important. One person giving their time and money is invaluable, but if more people knew about certain disorders, more people would give. It’s as simple as that. And so we wanted to find a way in which we could contribute a little to raising awareness for different conditions. This month marks our first such ‘Awareness through Jewellery Challenge’. We’re picking illnesses and causes that are personally important to us, and creating pieces that we hope will spark discussion and promote awareness. If you remember, our friend Debi does quite the same thing!

Jewellery is such a nice medium to incite discussion. I’ve lost track of how many times someone has complimented jewellery I’m wearing, or I’ve complimented someone on theirs. So our hope is if someone sees us wearing unusual jewellery – like awareness earrings in an unusual colour, for example – they’ll ask us about it, and we can explain our concept, and maybe create a personal connection, or give the disorder a face. I think one reason the Ice bucket challenge resonated with millions is because so many of the videos were by people who had a story to tell about how ALS impacted them, one way or another. That’s what sucks you in, beyond the awed fascination inherent in watching people willingly dump ice over their heads!

Lilac green lymphoma awareness colours earrings

September is Leukaemia and Lyphoma Awareness month. I’ve focussed on lymphoma, and since you can find any amount of information over at these wonderful websites, I won’t go into detail about the ins and outs of the disease. Suffice to say, it’s not easy – either on the patient or on their caregivers. The awareness colours are lilac (for Hodgkin’s lymphoma) and green (for non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma). I was thrilled to find two-toned Czech fire-polish beads in exactly the colours I wanted.

I’ll leave you with a quote that really strikes a chord with me. Everyone has scars, visible and unseen, and I thought this was just beautiful.

Lymphoma awareness quote

I’ll be wearing my earrings every day this month, and I hope lots of people stop and ask me what they’re all about! If any of you have a cause you’d like to see featured, let us know, and we’ll be happy to spread awareness in our own little way.

“How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.” – William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice



Sorting, making, enjoying!

Cover picture

This last week has been one of the most productive weeks I’ve had in a very long while. I had designated a space as my workspace, and even placed all my bead and paper craft stuff on it. But since it’s been a while since I actually made any jewellery, it slowly morphed into a storage ground for everything from old receipts to extra water jugs. And the times when I did make some pieces, I found myself on the sofa or at our dining table. But somehow, I just decided that enough was enough. I spent two days – I kid you not – sorting through my materials and tools, and rearranging them. Plus I managed to get some fun light-weight storage boxes which fit under my table. And put all my craft supplies neatly into the drawers. And now, it is my very great pleasure to present – my new craft corner!

Crafty corner

Craft nook

Did you happen to see all the pieces on my beading mat? I made all of them, except the cuff that’s the star of the show, in a couple of hours over the two days I was cleaning/sorting. This is what happens when you make friends with all your stuff again! 🙂

Not only did I manage to rearrange this entire little nook for myself, I’ve been cooking every day, and since we had a little potluck dinner with H and KV, I experimented with several new recipes. All of which came out beautifully, and were huge hits. I love watching people enjoy something I’ve made – whether it’s food or a piece of jewellery. So very satisfying!

I wanted to show you the cuff in a little more detail. It’s actually a bracelet with magnetic clasps, but I call it a cuff because it’s so broad. This is one of the pieces I made on the floor in front of the ottoman in the recent past.


It’s a multi-row, multi-column piece that had my head spinning and my pliers-hand cramping way before I was done with it! In fact, this piece has inspired me to go buy a looping pliers. Just to save me from this kind of extensive looping. There’s about 38 little bead-loops that formed 6 segments. I love the way this piece has movement with the little dangles at the bottom. And it’s great that it’s flexible, but also has structure. Win-win, every way I look at it!

Cuff opened

It looks like a piece that can only be worn on “special occasions”, but it’s really much more versatile than that. I can imagine it with a LBD and simple stud earrings, with purple shoes for a show-stopping effect, but look at KV rocking it with her casual Sunday chic!

Granola in the brekker nook

Points to anyone who looked at that picture and said, “Hey, I know that picture in the background!” And if you’re wondering what KV is eating, it’s homemade Paleo granola! Super easy, and so worth the time investment!

Paleo granola

Anyway, getting back to the point – while this last week was all about making your space more comfortable and stream-lined, this particular cuff made me think a little more about contrasts, and stepping a little way out of your comfort zone. Would i have imagined myself liking a multi-strand cuff so much that I’d spend an insane amount of time on it? Nope. But I just love it! I really believe everyone should have at least one piece of jewellery that is their “go-to piece”. Something you wear over and over again because you love it too much not to. Something you base your outfit on, and not vice versa. This piece has all the makings of one of those special ones for me.

Cuff on fridge

Plus it looks very, very cool, hanging out with my photo frame on my fridge!

So, do you guys have “go-to pieces”? What are they? Let us know!

Have a great week!