Wrapped Loop Tutorial

I love wrapped loops! They’re all I use when I make jewellery. I think I like them so much because I’m not very good at making the rosary loop. I find the wrapped loop much easier to do, so it’s become my loop of choice.

wrapped loop final (2)

Since this is one of the basic techniques in jewellery making, you’ll need your basic tools – round nose pliers, chain-nose (or flat-nose, either one will do the trick) pliers, and a cutter. You’ll also need beads and headpins or wire.

wrapped loop tools

wrapped loop Step1

Once you’ve strung your beads, grasp the headpin just above your beads with your round-nose pliers. Bend the wire at a right angle.

wrapped loop Step2

Reposition the pliers to hold the portion of wire that has been bent. Fold the wire back to make a complete loop.

wrapped loop Step3

This is where I use my chain-nose (or flat-nose) pliers. Grasp the loop with the pliers and then wrap the free end of the headpin around itself. If the wire is more flexible, I wrap it with my hands. Otherwise, I use my round-nose pliers. Trim off any extra bit of wire and press the end flush against the wrapping with your pliers.

wrapped loop final

Your wrapped loop is done!

~ Kirtana

DIY Lip Scrub!

  Lip Scrub

I’ve been wanting to make a lip scrub for a long time now, but my standard lip beauty treatment of biting the dry skin off was holding me back. It’s just so much easier. What it also is is quite disgusting, and it does absolutely no good for the lips. So I finally decided to start taking care of my poor mangled lips. While there are a ton of DIY lip scrubs out there, with a whole bunch of things that can be added to the recipe, this one is really basic.

LipScrub Ingredients

I used one tablespoon each of white granulated sugar (which acts as the exfoliant), honey (which soothes the skin) and olive oil (which moisturizes the skin). Mix them all together and voila! It’s done! Super simple isn’t it? I put mine in a tiny little container. I wanted to buy actual lip balm boxes, but I haven’t been able to locate them anywhere yet.

Lip Scrub

To use, take a bit on your finger and rub it gently over your lips. Let it sit for a couple of minutes and wash (or lick!) off. This can be done 3-4 times a week, or less if your lips are very sensitive to the exfoliation.

I can’t wait to try it out! My lips are in dire need of some TLC!

Tip: Coconut oil and Almond oil are good alternatives for Olive oil.

~ Kirtana

Embellished Hair-Tie DIY


Hair accessories are some of the most fun odds and ends that clutter up your dresser. I love them all, from clips to head bands, and now that my hair’s grown enough to tie into a respectable ponytail, I’m having fun with tiny scrunchies and elastic hair-ties in a rainbow of colours. But sometimes, don’t you just want more? My personal peeve about fancy hair-ties is that they’re always so big! And voluminous. And completely engulfing my still-growing ponytail. So I thought it would be fun to create hair-ties that added a little special something without being too overwhelming. And the beauty of this entire process is that it’s so quick and easy, and uses up things you’ve been hoarding saving for a rainy day.

Without further ado, please assemble your hair ties (I like the nice elastic ones that have no metal in them), a good strong glue (I used E6000), buttons, cameos, anything that you’d like on the tie, and the secret weapon – ponytail holder findings, that have a groove for the hair-tie to sit in and flat surfaces to glue your embellishment on.

DIY embellished hair ties

Then choose your combinations, and glue away! I started off with a tiny lucite flower cluster, being in a matchy-matchy mood, but found it was too small to completely cover the finding, so I swapped it for an Eiffel Tower glass tile. I placed the glue on the finding, and then the hair-tie in its channel, and pressed the embellishment onto it.


If you don’t have the finding, don’t despair. You could easily do this with any bits of sheet metal you have lying around (because, of course, sheet metal is something that everyone has to spare! <eye roll>) or even pieces of cloth. The only problem would then be that your embellishment would be glued directly onto the ponytail elastic, and you’d have to pay a little attention to positioning it when you tie your hair up. To use old metal buttons, just cut off the shank with a good wire cutter, and you’re all set.

DIY hair ties with embellishments

And there you have it. Pretty pretties that you can make in under five minutes! What would you use to embellish your hair-ties? Do let us know!

Have a great week!