Elephant Hues ~ 13/06/2015


Day #13 of the 30-Day Colour Challenge!

Today was a great day! I watched a beautiful documentary – The World Before Her. Then I met two of my lovelies and had a great evening with them. Throw in cold coffee and rain, and you’ll understand why it was one of the nicest days I’ve had in a while.

I’m totally in love with Abby Hook’s tutorials. Today I tried her Vine earrings, and it was a mini disaster. Probably because I’m still using 24 gauge wire instead of the 28 gauge that the tutorial calls for. It just did not work out. But it inspired me to get a little crazy and have fun with wire 🙂

photo courtesy ~ design-seeds.com

photo courtesy ~ design-seeds.com

The loops are all weird, and the wire wrapping on the leaf is messy – I’m guessing because of the gauge. The bead dangles don’t sit too well. It’s all strange. But it’s okay.


Day #13 done!

~ Kirtana


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