Your query hasn’t been addressed below? Feel free to email us at info.fireandrain@gmail.com

Is all your jewellery handmade?

Yes, we handcraft all our pieces with a whole lot of love 🙂

Do you sell your jewellery?

Yes we do! Our pieces for sale are currently available on our Facebook page. You can place your order with us by sending us a Facebook message or an email with the item code.

What guarantee of quality do you offer?

Since each piece of jewellery is handcrafted, we take extreme care while making each piece. We pass them through quality control checks, and ensure that they are of the best quality before we sell them. However, since the pieces are handmade, we urge our customers to handle them gently. Micro macramé pieces, especially, should be stored carefully away from dust and moisture. As for our silver pieces, in case of tarnishing – as silver sometimes will – polishing agents should be used with caution so as to not damage the semi-precious stones and crystals incorporated in the piece.

What kind of materials do you work with?

We work with a very wide range of materials, and we source them from the best stores all over the world.

The main bulk of our earring hooks and chains are sterling silver, silver-plated, hypoallergenic or gold-plated, but we do also use copper, brass and gun metal. Make sure you check with us before buying, in case you are allergic to certain metals.

We use Swarovski Crystals, Czech Fire polish beads, normal crystals, ceramic beads, and glass beads.

Where do you ship orders to?

We ship to anywhere, but shipping charges apply. All offers on shipping are limited to places within India.

How would one place an order with Fire & Rain?

Orders can be placed by emailing us (info.fireandrain@gmail.com) or leaving us a message on our Facebook page. Please mention the Item code and your location in the mail 🙂

Do you make customized pieces?

Absolutely! Tell us your specifications, and we’ll do the needful.

If there’s a style or piece in our stock that you like, let us know, and we’ll make something similar based on your colour specifications. We try to make each of our pieces unique, in terms of style and colour, so we might not be able to replicate a piece that has already been sold, but we will make a close approximation.

Do you have a store?

As of now, we operate mainly from Facebook. We do sell our jewellery at the occasional flea market. Details of the same are always mentioned on our Facebook page.

What services do you offer apart from selling jewellery?

Our main focus is on jewellery making. We also write tutorials, make embossed paper products like cards, bookmarks and gift tags, and we’re also experimenting with making clips, felt ornaments and keychains.

Do you conduct workshops?

Not yet, but it is something we are considering. You can check our Facebook page for updates. In the meantime, we have some tutorials that you could look through.

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