Colour Comfort ~ 11/11/2013 – 15/11/2013

We had the most amazing weather last week (I’ve cheated a bit and predated the post. Oops!) – absolute Hot Chocolate + Sweater Weather. And I was so caught up with enjoying it that even though it inspired my PwP choice last week, I never got around to actually making the piece or writing about it in time. But now we’re back to terribly sunny afternoons and it broke my heart to go through with the challenge 😦 .


Photo courtesy:

Isn’t that absolutely gorgeous? Makes me want to make myself a nice cup and jump right into the fridge to drink it. But let’s not digress.

Blues and browns are my absolute favourites. Which probably explains why I couldn’t find as many browns as I remember having. Anyway, while the browns I did find are brighter than the ones in the challenge, I think my blues match perfectly. The earrings are very simple and seem to scream ‘comfort’. A perfect pair to go along with the feeling of the picture, methinks.IMG_6900

So there you have it. Now I’m going to go back to yearning for lovely weather again. Sigh.


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