Beaded Brights ~ 14/10/2013 – 18/10/2013

I love this time of year! With some of our biggest festivals being celebrated now, both our birthdays fast approaching, and Christmas cheer just around the corner, can you really blame me? And this year we have another reason to celebrate – we became aunts a week ago! We now have the cutest little nephew ever.

Since there’s so much happiness in the air, I wanted to pick a Playing with Palettes challenge that offers at least a tiny glimpse at the festivities. So here it is, Beaded Brights.


Photo courtesy:

Something about the fabric seemed to ethnic and so festive, that I just had to pick this! In fact, I found a couple of other nice challenges, so maybe I’ll do another one once Diwali rolls around.

I loved the colours in this challenge. So happy and so bright, and so not my usual cup of tea. At most, I’m okay with combining two or three of these colours, but not all five! But it was with a happy heart that I approached my now very organized Toho bead collection and picked out beads that almost exactly matched the colours in the challenge. I knew that I wanted to use my Tohos because when you have tiny beads, you can put a lot of them into one piece, and because of that, when you have so many colours, you can manage to represent them all in that one piece.


And those were the rest of the tools that I used – pliers, measuring tape, and of course, earring hooks.

I decided to take a tiny break from macramĂ© and do something different, something completely wire-based. I also wanted to make earrings that complement any kind of outfit, festive and casual alike. The earrings did take me a while to make, because of all the wire wrapping, but I’m really happy with them! The pinks didn’t photograph too well here, but they’re quite a happy shade. So there you have it – a little piece of celebration!

~ Kirtana

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