Street Tones ~ 30/09/2013 – 04/10/2013

Hello! Welcome back to our PwP Friday! The last two challenges of mine were probably not as challenging as they are meant to be. So, this week I decided to let my sister choose my challenge. And here it is – Street Tones.

Photo courtesy:

This really stumped me. Except for the teal tones, I wasn’t even sure whether I had any of the other colours in my bead stash. So I trudged upstairs to my room, emptied the entire contents of all my bead boxes on my bed, and this is what I finally came up with.

All mostly close approximations of the challenge colours, but they would just have to do! I wasn’t really sure what kind of piece I wanted to make. I’ve had those huge ceramic beads forever, and I’ve never found the right piece to use them in. And I didn’t this time either. I decided to make a pair of fan earrings. I’ve only made one pair before, in my favourite combination of blue and brown! πŸ™‚

I chose my cord in a nice shade of maroon, and decided to use pretty light blue dyed stone beads as my focals. My trusty Tohos – matte iris grey and matte mauve mocha – and a mix of Czech glass seed beads completed my bead soup!

Here’s the finished product! I feel ambivalent about them, probably because this combination isn’t one that spoke to me, but it does seem to match the PwP picture, so I’m satisfied!

And I think I shall make more fan earrings in the future. What say? πŸ™‚

~ Kirtana

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