My Experiments With Wire

She’s the Queen of Wire Work. You can see it in her pieces – so neat and so sophisticated. Here are two of my favourite pieces of hers. Just look at them. Aren’t they something else?

I would catch glimpses of her holed up in her room bent over her wire so lovingly as she carefully twisted and wrapped and coaxed them into these lovely creations, and I was in awe. While Micro Macramé is my forte, I’ve always wondered what it would be like to work with wire – the possibilities are endless! But you know how it is – if there’s someone around who is already so good at something, you tend to leave it to them and go on with your own business. Well, that’s the way I saw it. I’m a little weird that way. My head is full of “But what if it isn’t as good, or good enough?”. Was full, at least. I got over it the only way I knew how – I did something with wire that she hadn’t done yet. Smart, no? I made rings.

(I love adding crystals, mainly Swarovski, to my rings for a bit of colour and sparkle!)

And I loved it! The feel of wire as it bends and twists in your hands – ah! The possibilities really are endless. It’s like you forge a relationship with the wire as you work, and like with every relationship, you’ve got to have patience and passion if you want it to turn into something beautiful. And sometimes, what seem like mistakes actually really add to the piece.

The rings were quite a hit amongst our customers at a flea market we recently went to! With this amazing feedback, and my sister’s abundant compliments and encouragement (she’s really awesome that way), I decided to expand my experiment with wire work to earrings. The best I could do there were spirals, but I was quite content.

I look forward to trying more complex pieces with wire, especially incorporating wire work into my Micro Macramé pieces. One example of that fusion would be these here. They are what she fondly calls ‘Banner Earrings’. You can see that they have spirals, too!

So far, the exploration has been a lot of fun, and I think that Wire has found a new fan in me. I still have a long way to go – everyday brings new learning – but I know that if I ever get stuck along the way, she’s always there to lend me an experienced helping hand!

~ Kirtana


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