Frosty Summer 30.09.13-04.10.13

Frosted summer

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Well, the monsoons appear to have gone on hiatus, and the afternoons are scorching, although the nights are getting a little nippy. In spite of the temperamental weather, it’s finally a good time to eat ice-cream again! Anyway, this week’s PwP is a delicious combination of happy colours, so I spent some time picking out my greens and blues that matched just right. The pinks and white were easy!

2-beads-laid-outYes, I lay out my beads this neatly only to show you guys. Normally, my workspace is a little more scattered!

I initially thought of making a bracelet, but I loved that ‘hope’ dog-tag, and really wanted to use it, especially with these colours, and that’s a little too big for a bracelet. On a slight detour, we’re thinking of starting an ‘Inspiration’ line, based on message-y pieces, like this, and our Dream bracelet. Anyway, I finally decided to make a “floating” necklace, which is one where beads are strung on illusion cord. As the name suggests, this cord is almost completely transparent, so the net effect is that the beads appear to be floating in mid-air. Very nice, if you can string them correctly. I’ve attempted this only a few times in the past, and generally always mess up my spacing. So I was apprehensive, but I decided to change my modus operandi this time, and let the necklace evolve on its own, without too much planning on my part. I never, ever do this! I mean, I’ve mentioned earlier how making stuff is iterative, and how I’ve changed pieces several times sometimes, but I always start with a plan, that I discard or modify if things don’t turn out the way I want them to. This time, I decided to just wing it!

3-illusion-cord-cut Illusion cord cut to length. It is hard to see, isn’t it?

4-hope-strungThe focal point of the necklace

All I really did keep track of was making sure the necklace was symmetrical, and the beads didn’t lie all on top of each other! Which is admittedly harder than it sounds.

5-first-strand-doneJust the first strand done, and beads scattered everywhere!

6-second-strand-doneWell, there is a little bit of planning, I must admit. But it all falls under the category of symmetry and spacing!

7-all-doneAlmost done, except for the clasp

There’s really not much to describe, technique-wise. It’s spacing, stringing and crimping repeated over and over again! The clasp was a bit tricky to attach, though, because there are three strands to be secured. I settled for double crimps and then a cord end over it before attaching my clasp with oval jump rings.

And it’s done! This necklace is happy and does a pretty good job with the colours of the challenge. Now, to wear it and go find some ice-cream!


What do you all think? Do floating necklaces float your boat? Let me know!

Have a great weekend!



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