Flower Hues – 17.03.14 – 21.03.14

FlowerHues swatch

Photo courtesy: design-seeds.com

Has anyone seen the Google Doodle today? It’s adorable – they’re celebrating the first day of spring. Can we do anything less over here on our blog? We’ve already made a good beginning to our spring celebrations with last week’s PwP, and our birthday sale, but the key is to keep the momentum going, right? 🙂 And so I present this stunning daisy-like flower. If anyone knows what this flower is, exactly, do let me know. I am in love with it! It resembles a gerbera, but this flower has fewer petals. Incidentally, I have a special fondness for gerberas. When I was in school, they were the flowers I would buy Mama from the little florist outside our school gate. They lasted much longer than the roses, and came in such brilliant colours. Our mum loves flowers, and while we can now buy her more exotic blooms, her face still lights up when we give her gerberas.

The botanical origins of the flower aside, it’s gorgeous! This is such a dramatic combination, orange and purple. And funnily enough, not one I’ve worked too much with. I plan to remedy that pretty quickly!


I seemed to have every single colour on the swatch in my stash, and so I happily took them all out. While I was wondering what to make – I was leaning towards a multi-strand necklace, and looking for a nice clasp – I came across a brooch pin I had bought ages ago. And suddenly, all thoughts of a necklace flew out of my mind and I decided to make a brooch!


The beauty of the pin is that it lies flat against your blouse when worn, and so these little dangles are shown to their best advantage. I was contemplating creating a second row of loops under this – somewhat similar to the bunch of grapes we used to draw as kids – but I didn’t want to interfere with the movement this row already had. Maybe one day I’ll make a brooch like that, without dangles on the top loop. It would probably look really nice then. Something to keep in mind the next time inspiration dries up!

So my brooch was done a little abruptly, and I had so many more beads that I hadn’t used! And that deep purple is one of my favourites, so I promptly got out my earring making paraphernalia, and got to work again!


So simple, but that filigree flower is such a beauty! This piece has movement too, and I love the way the colours look against the grey of the filigree. If I hadn’t had to clear everything away before bed time, I’m pretty sure I’d have gone on making pretties in this colour combo! Which isn’t exactly spring-like, when you think about it, but what screams spring more than flowers, regardless of colour?

What do you think? Are you celebrating spring as well? Let us know what your spring plans are!



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