Baking Soda Room Freshener DIY

Baking soda room freshener DIY

Baking soda is one of my all time favourite kitchen multi-purpose tools. I use it to shine my sink and remove water stains from my pots and pans. Not to mention how great it is when I make Paleo flat bread! I’ve seen tons of commercials where it’s used in cat litter, and read countless tutorials on how to use it to remove any kind of stain – red wine, blood, grass, mud- from any kind of surface – cashmere, carpet, curtains. I also stumbled across someone mentioning it online in some sort of life hack –  you know the kind, lists to use common items more effectively – as an air freshener. You can place some in a dish in the fridge, and it absorbs unpleasant odours right up. But they said if you combined it with essential oils of your choice, you could have fragrance and eliminate bad smells.

So I got right to work. I have to admit, at the outset, I may have got a little carried away, but I love how my little room freshener looks good enough to eat. The basic premise, for those who don’t like the frills, is as follows: baking soda+essential oils+open jar=clean, scented air. But I added a few things that made sense to me.

First, I’m not the world’s most careful person – I tend to walk into things a lot, and knock things over. Therefore, I used some small pebbles to weigh down the tiny little mason jar I used. Second, about the mason jar itself, I chose to cover the top with cheesecloth, to prevent accidental spills, as opposed to leaving it open. Why? See first point above! The mason jar is also the kind used for canning and preserving, so the centre of the lid comes off as a separate piece. Very useful, because you can substitute opaque metal for porous fabric or paper, to liberate the fragrance. I chose to use cinnamon because I love the spicy scent of it, and also used some cinnamon fragrance beads, to add some colour and up the scent factor.

That’s pretty much all there is to it – add ballast, add beads, add baking soda, add essential oil. Close, mix well (I shook mine very vigourously!), remove lid, cover with cheesecloth/muslin, and you’re all set!

For the visual learners, here’s how I did it!

Baking soda air freshener DIY instructions

It looks like a little bit of dessert, and smells divine! V and I both love it, and I even blew out the honeysuckle-scented candle I had burning, just to enjoy the cinnamon. I think this would make great gifts – very inexpensive, very easy, and so simple to personalise to your recipients’ tastes. Christmas gifts, check!

What fragrances would you use? Do you have some secret baking soda tips that you’d like to share?

Have a great start to the week!



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