Wooded Hues – 25.08.14-29.08.14

Wooded hues swatch

Photo courtesy: design-seeds.com

San Diego is absolutely sweltering these days. My new glasses – which were supposed to make me look like a cool librarian, and no, that is not an oxymoron – keep sliding off my nose in the most un-cool way. And it only promises to get worse over the weekend. Which is why I am out of my mind with excitement that I will not be here to suffer! We’re running off to San Francisco, and I am looking forward to packing a jacket! I could cry with relief and joy. But instead, I’ll pull myself together long enough to post these earrings, inspired by the happy anticipation of visiting Muir Woods soon! Incidentally, I love this colour swatch. I find myself wondering just what lies beyond that bend in the path…

Wooded hues sterling silver earrings

I love how I had the exact matches for the colours. It doesn’t happen very often! And I’m going to wear these earrings while I’m at Muir Woods. Here’s a little sneak peek of things I’ve just started putting together to pack.


Why the hair clip, you may ask. I’ll let this song answer you – it does it so much better than I could!

Happy Ganesha Chathurti to everyone back home! Hope you are all having a great weekend!



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