Fridge Magnet-Pinboard DIY

Fridge magnet pinboard DIY

You might remember I set up my workspace a short while ago. One of the things that I love about it is my four-piece cork pinboard. I currently have all sorts of random stuff up on it, but it’s mostly related to Fire & Rain, and jewellery ideas. I’ve designated one quarter of it for coupons and reminders, but I wanted it to be more cohesive. Before the pinboard went up on the wall, I was using magnets and my fridge, but there’s only so much stuff I could hold, because my magnet collection as of now is quite meagre. So I thought it might be fun to make small magnetic pinboards to use on a fridge – eliminating the use of too many magnets. I wanted the pinboards to be decorative, so that they’d add character to the fridge even when not being used. It was super easy, and so much fun!

Things you’ll need:


Small pieces of cork board in different shapes or sizes, decorative card stock, washi tape, embellishments, magnetic tape, adhesive and a pair of scissors.

I found a set of inspirational stickers at Michael’s the other day, and picked my favourites to use! By the way, doing craft work outdoors on a lazy Sunday afternoon is awesome! It also has the added benefit of helping to disperse the adhesive fumes. So here’s what I set up.

2-Plan for magnets

My balcony is west-facing, so you can see how the intensity of the sun changed while I was making my magnets!

3- Inspirational magnets

And here is my little set of embellished cork board! A word to the wise – cork board doesn’t really like Distress ink. It has a – ahem!– distressing tendency to smudge, and takes forever to dry.

The next step was to attach magnets or magnetic tape to the back of the cork board.

4- Attaching magnetic tape

And then, put them all on your fridge! Sit back, and admire them, and make everyone else also admire them!

5- Magnets completed

And here’s my fridge, with my little inspirational corner!

6- Fridge with magnets

I already stuck a couple of things on them with pins. And you can see why I didn’t want to add more magnets to this already-quite-crowded fridge!

Endless variations can be made – leave the cork as is, cover with cord, beads, fabric… It’s a good thing I have some more cork – I’m looking forward to experimenting with stamping!

Hope you guys enjoyed this! Tell us what you think, and have a great week!



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