Nostalgic Tones ~ 18/08/2014 – 22/08/2014

I attempted to make my own colour palette this week! It isn’t the best or most professional, but I absolutely love the photo!


Kundapur. This is one of my most favourite places in the world. When I think of the beach house, I think of laughter, dogs, stars and the smell of good food. The place has given me nothing but happiness and peace. There’s nothing like standing on the beach with the waves lapping against your feet, and gazing out into the vastness of the sea. It’s humbling, inspiring, liberating.

To keep with the theme of the palette, I picked some of my favourite materials – Swarovski crystals and chain. I tried out a design I found in a book, and loved the outcome!


The colours aren’t a perfect match, but I like how they made the piece brighter than the colours in the palette would have 🙂


There they are. My little Slice of Heaven earrings 🙂



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