Shoe Makeover!


Pinterest inspires me. There are so many people out there doing so many lovely, creative things. This weekend, I was browsing through their DIYs, and one thing led to another, and before I knew it I was looking at a whole collection of beautifully made-over shoes. There were all kinds! Painted, glittered, laced, dyed! And then it struck me. I should give my shoes a makeover too!

It so happened that I had a pair of relatively new ballerina shoes. They were a lovely red suede pair with a band of elastic pearls around the ankles. Not very ‘me’, but I thought I’d give them a try, what with Christmas being around the corner at the time. The elastic snapped with just one wear, and – boom! – there went my pretty shoes. I was too upset to consider restringing the beads on new elastic, and ended up cutting off the elastic band from the other shoe as well. So ever since then, my shoes have been sitting in a corner in my room collecting dust.

Dusty Ballerinas

See? Incredibly dusty!

This weekend I decided to give them a makeover. I was super tempted to use lace, but decided on scraps of fabric instead. This design was inspired by a wallet A gifted me earlier this year.



So here it is, happy DIY-ing!

Things you’ll need:

  • A pair of shoes to be made-over
  • Scraps of fabric
  • Fabric glue, or craft glue that works on fabric
  • Scissors
  • A piece of cardboard to use as a template while cutting


Getting your scraps of fabric ready

  • First hold a bit of cardboard against your shoe to gauge how big you want the triangles to be.
  • Go ahead and cut the cardboard in the desired size.
  • Using the cardboard as a template, cut out fabric triangles. I used nine for each shoe, but your number will vary depending on the size of your triangles and the size of your shoes.
  • Tip: Do not stretch or pull at your fabric while cutting. Although this is a much easier way to handle the fabric, it will distort the shape of your triangles! Allow the fabric to remain relatively loose under the cardboard.


Gluing the fabric triangles to the shoe

  • Try different arrangements of the triangles on your shoe before you start sticking them. Although the shoe to our right looks brighter and happier, I was leaning towards the shoe to our left. I like the subtle colours and the print of the fabric. And then there’s the green triangle, which adds a bit of *pop* to the band.
  • Apply glue carefully over your triangles. Not too much, because then the glue will leak from under the fabric piece to an uncovered portion of the surface of the shoe. And I don’t even want to think of how that would look once it’s dried up!
  • Start sticking your pieces onto the shoes, taking care to align them edge to edge. Tip: My pieces started slipping and stretching while I was sticking them, because of the glue. So place them carefully and be sure you don’t press down on them at an angle. This slippy-ness did work to my advantage, though, when I had misaligned the triangles! It allowed me to manipulate the pieces to make them fit together better. Tip: Wipe your fingers clean the moment they start getting too sticky. Otherwise, you might transfer dirt and little balls of glue onto the fabric that you’re handling. Not pretty.
  • You will probably have extra bits sticking out at the edges. Wait for the glue to dry and then trim the extra fabric very carefully.


And it’s done! With sticky fingers and happy heart, I kept them aside to dry. I waited 24 hours, and thankfully the glue dried clear. I’m going to snip off the loops at the back where the elastic bands used to pass through. These gorgeous shoes don’t need any reminders of that disaster anymore 😉


They’re a bit messy, but I think it goes well with the feel of the shoes. If you want, you could try pulling a few threads loose for a shabby chic look. Have fun trying this out on your own pair. Do send us a photo of your made-over shoes if you do! 🙂

~ Kirtana


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