Keychain for Ki

A whole lotta Me!

That’s a terrible name for a post. But I couldn’t think of anything else. Oh well. I love personal touches. I’ve tried to put one on everything I own. My favourite night shirt, my guitar (which has sadly, for a very long time, been a showpiece in my room), my wall, my shoes, all scream “Kirtana!”. I was recently in need of a keychain, and decided to make one instead of buying one, you know, since I had all the necessary tools and materials. It’s completely me! And as narcissistic as it sounds, I love the stories behind each charm, and I simply must pass them on to you now.

There’s the dog, because I absolutely adore them and have uncontrollable urges to squash every dog I meet. The candy cane should be self explanatory – my favourite time of the year – Christmas!! The butterflies symbolize my belief (or my desire to believe) in the universe, positive affirmations and all those lovely things. The flower was bought from Singapore. It was our last holiday as a family before the sister got married and left. I love love loooove green. And that blue. And the fan! Ethnic and modern at the same time. And all those lovely Swarovski crystals! My favourite type of beads. And of course, anyone who knows us personally knows how much our family enjoys playing cards. One of my favourite family time options.

There you have it. A little bit of me. I now want to make keychains for everyone! Do you want one? Place an order with us, tell us a little about yourself, and I’m sure we’ll be able to make some keychain magic happen.

Happy first week of August!

~ Kirtana


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