Birthday celebrations!

One of the things about moving to a new home is that there are so many things to do! Set up every single room, and make everything look just right. However, if you move into an apartment previously inhabited by someone who only ever used it to come home at night and crash, you’ll probably have a lot of little things that need to be fixed. Our apartment here is gorgeous, but it’s needed a little bit of maintaining for a while now, and V has either not noticed, or been too busy to get around to getting it done! Knowing him, it’s probably a little bit of both. One of the things that needed tending was our oven. This week, Fire & Rain turned two, and I couldn’t even bake a cake to celebrate it! K had baked an apparently awesome Paleo cake earlier (which I couldn’t taste, because I’m all the way over here, and so she better bake one for me when I go home next!), so she was covered, but I was just feeling so incomplete. I love birthdays, and to be all the way over here for our birthday without K, and being unable to bake, has left me feeling a little lost. Which also explains why this post is a few days after the actual day.

But today we got our home all tended to (and no, I am not going to tell you what exactly was wrong with our oven!), and I inaugurated it by baking banana bread! So here’s to Fire & Rain, and to my wonderful partner in design, my sister, K! It’s been a fabulous two years, and I look forward to many more productive and fantastically creative years!

Banana bread

While you drool over the bread (which is beautifully soft and absolutely yum!), we’d like to give you something else to drool over – to celebrate our birthday, we’re having a special sale. For every two pieces you buy, you get 50% off on the third (of equal or lesser value)! Simply look at our Facebook page and order with us, either via email or Facebook, and use this code: FNR2YR. If you’ve been waiting to restock on fun, unique pieces, buy as many as you like, all the way until April 15th. We’re planning to put up our spring collection soon, so all those pieces will also be part of this sale. Just make sure your half-off piece is one of our regular collection.

Hoping you guys are celebrating as much as we are!



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