On the eleventh day of Christmas…we have one more craft activity for kids!

I love how excited kids get about Christmas. Even the ones who go about proclaiming that they know that Santa isn’t a real person (*pause to gasp in horror*) get sucked into the infectious spirit of Christmas and the next thing you know they’re writing letters to Santa asking him the most adorable questions (‘Can you please show me your reindeer?’) and placing very sweet, very polite requests for gifts.

Here’s one fun activity we did the other day – Angels. I love how they don’t look like your traditional angels – these ones are dressed in Christmas themed outfits, and you’ll find a few boy angels in there as well!

The activity is very fun and very easy. The age group I worked with was 5-6 year olds. The kids absolutely loved it. The table came alive with colour, chatter and hums of Christmas carols.


Here’s what you’ll need – craft paper for the gown, plain paper (or coloured, depending on your preference) for the face and wings, some tape, glue, pencils, sketch pens, colour pencils, a pair of kid friendly scissors and glitter for the wings. I thought I might need the straws to keep the wings up once they were glittered, but I forgot that the glue would actually stiffen the paper, making them stick out perfectly well from behind the angel. But, if you find that your wings are flopping about, you could prop them up with straws or ice cream sticks.


This part was a whole lot of fun because the children learned how to make cones – a shape that they are taught in math! Get your child to draw a semi circle (deep enough) and cut it out.


Then have them draw on (or decorate, again depending on what you and your child want to do) the semi circle. Remember to keep it with the flat side on top so that once you make the cone, the picture will be right side up.


Now to make the cone, bend the semi circle to make the flat side overlap on itself. You might have to assist your child with this, because it gets a bit tricky for their little fingers to manage! 🙂 Secure it with tape (the easier option) or glue (to make it look neater).


Now for the face – have your child draw a face big enough to be proportionate to the body 😉 Attach it to the top of your cone by taping it from behind.


Wing time! I’m still to meet a child who doesn’t enjoy glitter. Have your child draw and cut out wings – joined together or separate, either works – apply glue over the surface, and dip them into glitter. Leave to dry.


Once dried, stick the wings behind the angel, with the glittered surface facing front.


And there you have it! Absolutely adorable angels!

And it’s as simple as that. So if you’re looking to make angels that aren’t your traditional white-gown-silver-wings-and-halo angels (which, for the record, I love because they have their own charm and beauty) you could try these. The designer dresses do allow for your child’s creativity to shine. And you could turn them into hangings by attaching a loop of ribbon to the back of the head, or behind, near the wing area.

Happy Christmas crafting!

~ Kirtana

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