On the seventh day of Christmas… we have a guest, and a Frostilicious Christmas craft for kids!

(Right from when we first started out, one of our biggest supporters has been the lovely Tanya, from Zephyr in the Sky. She’s one of our favourite people in the world, and her blog is like her, warm and welcoming. Her cooking is absolutely to die for, and her taste in books…! Did we mention she’s one of our favourite people? We’re super excited that she’s agreed to do a guest post for us and our Twelve Days. Enjoy, and go on over and spend a couple of hours on her blog!)

Snowman tree ornament

It’s the third day of my favourite month of the whole year and it’s already raining treats. When the gorgeous Fire & Rain sisters asked me to be a guest blogger on their site, I was thrilled to bits – I mean, who wouldn’t like being a ‘guest’ anything? So I spent some time thinking about what I could write about and came up with a kids’ craft idea. I am always doing something arty and crafty with my 4-year-old, who has been craft obsessed from the time she discovered a roll of sticky tape when she was 20 months old!

Since it is a Fire & Rain Christmas special, the theme was already decided and when I asked Boo what she would like to do, pat came the reply “A snowman”! She is very fascinated with snow and I don’t know where that has come from. On Sunday, she told us that it was now Christmas and couldn’t wait for it to start snowing!! All attempts to explain why it won’t snow in Bangalore failed miserably so I left it at that. At least with this craft activity, we can make a snowman from scratch without any snow.

I am a big believer of doing ‘green’ crafts. I have a basket filled with items that can be reused for any sort of play with Boo. So for our snowman, I headed straight to my trusty supply chest.

Things that you will need:

  1. A piece of cardboard from an old cereal box
  2. Three different sized round cookie cutters (you don’t have to use cookie cutters, any round shape will do – bottle lids, bowls, bangles – but they have to be different sizes as they will form the head and the torso of our snowman).
  3. Cotton wool
  4. Black craft paper
  5. Two raisins for the eyes (you can use peppercorns or bits of black craft paper). Keep a little extra for hungry mouths J
  6. Two twigs for the spindly arms
  7. A pinch of pink lentils
  8. A colored felt-pen
  9. Colored pom-pom balls (this is for the snowman’s torso but you can use colored buttons or colored bits of paper instead)
  10. Scissors
  11. Craft glue
  12. Sticky tape

First off, I cut a piece of cardboard from a cereal box and using the cookie cutters, I cut out 3 different sized circle shapes.

Cutting circles for snowman

Now take the cotton wool and spread it thinly over the three circles. Be gentle here because the cotton can tear easily. Once you have done this, paste the cotton to the paper circles and then stick the circles together starting with the smallest circle. They should overlap slightly.

Spreading cotton on to snowman

Next, cut out a hat shape from a piece of paper. I used black craft paper but you can use magazine paper or white paper and the child can color it in any color he or she likes. My Boo is a purist and she likes things just so. She wanted her snowman to look exactly like the ones in her storybooks. I’ll admit that made it easier for me! 🙂

Snowman's hat, arms and eyes

Paste the hat and the raisins on to the head circle. Once that is dry, you can sellotape the twigs to the back of the second circle.

Adding arms to snowman

For the nose, paste the pink lentils one after the other, in a row, so that it looks like a carrot nose. Boo loved this part even though she had a tough time trying to stick the little lentils onto the cotton. I had to chip in after a bit!

Giving the snowman a nose

Now onto the mouth – I gave Boo the choice of lip color and predictably, she wanted pink. I don’t think our little snowman was very happy about that! Use the felt pen to put little dots in the shape of a smile.

Adding a smile to the snowman

Next, paste the pom pom balls, one after the other in a row, onto the middle circle. We wanted it to be Christmas colors so we chose red and green balls. Doesn’t he look festive?

Christmas buttons on snowman

Leave him to dry for a few hours and voila, here is our complete snowman!

Complete snowman

You can do different things with this snowman. You can use a bit of black chart paper and make a wall hanging.Snowman wall hangingOr using a Popsicle stick, you can create a snowman puppet.

Snowman puppet

But our favourite thing to do was to give him pride of place on our Christmas tree. Boo wanted him next to our little fairy angel and so there he sits!

Snowman ornament

Boo and I had lots of fun making our little snowman. We hope you enjoy making it as much as we did!

Many thanks to our wonderful hosts, A and K, for having us!

Do drop by if you want to read more about what Boo and I do!

Here’s wishing all you readers a wonderful Christmas season ahead!



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