On the sixth day of Christmas… there was a Christmassy PwP – in unexpected colours!


Photo courtesy: design-seeds.com

You’ve all had a look at part of our Christmas collection. True to type, there’s a predominance of red, green and gold in that collection, and rightly so. But a girl yearns for a little variety, every now and again. So when we stumbled over this image on the Design Seeds website, I was super excited. Such a festive image, and such unconventional colours! I got right to work!


One amazing thing that’s happened over the course of making our Christmas collection is that I’ve fallen in love with gold wire. Or at least, 22k gold-plated sterling silver wire. I had taken the plunge and bought some gold findings and wire, and never managed to work up the courage to use the stuff! But Christmas just screams out for gold, and it adds so much warmth and brightness to pieces of jewellery. I’ve been badly bitten by another very expensive bug! Why can’t I, for once, find a vice that doesn’t involve spending money?

Anyway, once I had my beads laid out, I realised I had all the makings of a bangle-necklace style pair of earrings. And so away I went, arranging my beads the way I wanted them. And when I start putting it together, I realised I didn’t have the right gauge of gold, and so I dug out some of my brass/bronze wire and put away the gold with a heavy heart. But bronze is a pretty nice subsitute, so I wasn’t too upset.


They came together surprisingly quickly, and just the way I wanted them! I might add another little pop of colour, after I let them sit for a while, and see how they look after a little time away from them. But here are my tree-ornament earrings – understated, with just the right amount of sparkle!


Maybe not the kind of earrings to wear to a Christmas party, but definitely the perfect day earrings during the holiday season! What do you think? I might just wear them all day today!


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