On the fifth day of Christmas…we’re giving you a sneak preview of our Christmas collection!

This is the time of year I spend the other eleven months waiting for! In fact I was so eager that I got started on a couple of my Christmas pieces as early as August. We’re extremely thrilled with some of the really Christmassy beads and dangles we recently bought, and we’re very excited to unveil our Christmas collection – or at least a part of it.

We hope you like what you see! 🙂

IMG_7016IMG_7021  IMG_7018

IMG_6982 IMG_6997IMG_6983IMG_7015    IMG_7014 IMG_7010 IMG_7011 IMG_7013IMG_7019 IMG_7001 IMG_7006 IMG_7008IMG_7007 IMG_7009  IMG_7002  IMG_7000 IMG_6985  IMG_6998 IMG_6999 IMG_6990 IMG_6992 IMG_6996 IMG_6994IMG_6993 IMG_6989 IMG_7004IMG_6987   IMG_7020 IMG_6986IMG_7023IMG_7022

Details on how to get your hands on these lovelies coming soon!



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