On the second day of Christmas…we’re giving away Christmas cards!

Card giveaway

One of my favourite memories as a child was helping my mum put our Christmas cards into envelopes. Being a tiny tot of six or so, and having just failed Handwriting at school, I wasn’t allowed to address the envelopes, of course, but boy, was I chuffed at being in charge of sealing them! Mama and I would sit at our dining table in the evening, and she would fish out her address book, and make a list of all the people we were going to send cards to. And then we’d pick and choose who would get which card. In those days, Papa would bring home cards that the office organised from UNICEF or CRY. Around the time we’d send our cards out, we’d start getting them in the mail, too. And by the time Christmas rolled around, our sideboard would be decked with cards of all sizes and colours, from loved ones near and far. Talk about warm fuzzies!

And somehow, after a while, the stream of cards in the mail slowed to a trickle, and finally to a stop. I think we stopped sending cards out a couple of years before the die-hard card-senders stopped, too. And looking back, I really can’t remember why. But we decided a few years ago, to look forward instead. Last year, we spent almost three full evenings surrounded by paper, scissors and glue, and made our own Christmas cards to send to our friends. Mama sighed at the mess that was K’s room, but didn’t say a word. She’s awesome that way about creative messes.

Cards 2012

And you know this year, I’ve been pretty ga-ga over my Cuttlebug! With Diwali cards under my belt, I set my sight on Christmas cards! With a small detour for a very special birthday card! 😉 Happy birthday, K!

K birthday card

Yes, the photo is a little crooked, and yes, I really used bubble writing on the cover. It’s an inside joke!

And of course, things just exploded all over my floor. I make my jewellery using my bed as workspace, but somehow, working with paper, I feel the need to really… spread everything out! I should have taken a picture of my room last night – which is much tidier than it was a month ago, thank God. Hurray for setting, and reaching, goals! Jewellery in progress on my bed, card making in progress all over my floor… I wound up sleeping in a corner of my room that was miraculously untouched by the chaos! But here’s my workspace – it’s actually not as cluttered as it looks at first glance! There’s a method to my madness!

Embossed Christmas cards

Anyway, I’m not going to be sharing the cards I’m sending out to friends and family, because, hey – they might see them here before they actually get them! But since it is the season for sharing, among other things, we’re doing our first giveaway today! What’s up for grabs? Three hand-made, embossed Christmas cards, complete with envelopes. To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment here, by the end of day on Dec 3rd (IST), telling us what this time of year means to you. The winner will be drawn randomly, and we’ll send the cards to you!

Giveaway cards

This giveaway is only open to residents of India, or those with Indian addresses that we can send the cards out to. Thanks for understanding!

Looking forward to hearing all about what you love most about this season!


10 thoughts on “On the second day of Christmas…we’re giving away Christmas cards!

  1. Xmas is best part of the year for me 🙂 it’s the magical time, everyone around is happy high , loads of goodies, awesome food, presents .. Yayyy !! :)))

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