Fallen Leaves – 04.11.13-08.11.13

Autumn swatch

Photo courtesy: design-seeds.com

Well, it’s officially winter pretty much everywhere. Clocks have been set back, the solstice draws nearer, and yet, my friends back in Zurich have been posting glimpses of autumn all over Facebook! It’s enough to drive a girl batty. How can one focus on winter celebrations if winter has decided to tarry and just not show up? As for Bangalore, the weather lately has been baffling. Blazing sunshine during the day, and rain at night. But the autumn leaves and their glorious colours more than make up for any confusion I might be feeling. It’s hard to look at such loveliness and still feel upset.

This palette, gorgeous as it is, was really hard for me. In spite of having a few dozen shades of green, I don’t have these exact shades of lemon and olive green. And so, I ordered some more beads! I had visions of the most gorgeous necklace, but since I don’t have enough beads, and this challenge was looming large, I improvised. I found ceramic beads that were glazed almost exactly the shade of olive that I was looking for. They look a little bit like olives, come to think of it! And I have beautiful bright Czech fire polish beads that are two-toned in yellow and green to match the lemon-green shade. Here are my beads laid out.

1-beads laid out

I felt like working with gun-metal today, so that’s what I did. In keeping with my Four Simple Goals, I’ve been making jewellery all week, and it’s all been with silver, so I was really ready for a change. And those Lucite plumerias were calling to me! The last time i used them was also for an old PwP – before we created our blog, so you didn’t get the back-story, but you can still look at a picture of the piece over on Facebook. I thought they’d make amazing dangles for earrings, so that’s what I did.

2-strung together

I suddenly had the bright idea of layering flowers, one within the other. I used three-petaled Czech flowers as the inner layer, and created wrapped loops (which we’ll be showing you in a future Tutotial Tuesday!).

3-flowers looped

Once this was done, the rest was simply a matter of looping the main earring ‘stalk’, so to speak, and assembling the pieces. I am thrilled with how vibrantly the colours came together; totally made up for not having the other beads for my necklace. I promise to post that as well, once that shipment comes in!


And there you have them, folks! I am quite surprised with the final look – I think the beads suited each other far better than I’d anticipated. What do you think?


Here’s wishing you all a wonderful weekend!



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