Beaded Macramé Jewelry by Sherri Haab – A Review

Beaded Macramé Jewelry by Sherri Haab was my first (and only) Macramé jewellery book. There are many options out there, and as a new comer to the world of macramé, I was pretty overwhelmed by the choices available to me. So I did a bit of research, shortlisted my possible buys, went with my gut, and bought Beaded Macramé Jewelry.


There are so many wonderful things about this book. I wouldn’t call it the perfect match for what I’m most interested in making (earrings), but it gave me an amazing foundation in the basics of macramé. It’s been over a year since I bought it, and I sometimes still refer to it for certain tips and techniques! My favourite take-away from the book is the sliding closure, which allows you to adjust the length of your piece.

Difficulty Level
Beaded Macramé Jewelry is aimed at novice macramé artists. So if you’re just starting out, this is the book for you. While the projects in the book gradually increase in complexity so that you are constantly challenged, the difficulty level rarely exceeds the capabilities of a beginner. In fact, some of these projects leave you wanting to learn even more about this wonderful art of knotting! Sherri provides a nice write-up about various materials required, essential supplies, and tips on how to finish your projects neatly. She has also dedicated 8 pages to the basic knotting techniques that are used in the projects featured in her book, which is great for a beginner.

Instructions and Photos
Sherri takes you through each project step-by-step, with clear photos for each step. An overload of verbal instructions can be very overwhelming in a macramé project; Sherri doesn’t make that mistake. And in the rare event that you find any of her verbal instructions confusing, the photos come to your rescue.

Variety of Projects
This book has twenty two projects including project variations. In all, there are twelve bracelet projects, three earring projects (that are more variations of a particular style rather than three unique earring projects), a ring project, two necklace projects, one belt project, one watch project, one purse project and one iPod pouch project.

My Rating
star-20-coloring-page 4andahalf edit

Buy it if
•    You want a basic introduction to macramé.
•    You’re looking to make a lot of cool and interesting bracelets.
•    You want to try some fun non-jewellery macramé projects (belts, watches, purses, iPod pouches).


Don’t buy it if
•    You’re already well-versed in the basics of macramé and are looking for really challenging and intricate designs.

A little about the author (from the book)

Sherri Haab is an award-winning author, illustrator, and designer who teaches classes in crafts and jewellery making. She is the best-selling author of several crafts books for kids, as well as The Art of Metal Clay, Designer Style Jewelry, and The Art of Resin Jewelry, all published by Watson-Guptill. Sherri lives in Springville, Utah.

~ Kirtana


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