Creature Colour ~ 07/10/2013 – 11/10/2013

Oh how I’ve missed Playing with Palettes! Honestly, I have. Which probably explains why I went a bit overboard with this week’s selection. Really, these colours are a bit too much, aren’t they? But! I decided to step out of my blue-brown comfort zone and really really really challenge myself this time (why do I get the feeling that I say this every week?).

The website we get our palettes from is awesome, as we might have already mentioned! 🙂 I decided to try a challenge from their Creatures category, since that’s one of my favourite categories (the others being Vintage, Global and Winter). Now, you’d think that I’d have picked one of their cute little dogs or a gorgeous horse palette. But no. I decided to pick a picture of a couple of birds that God seemed to use his last bits of colour on, not caring whether they clashed or not. But somehow, the longer I stared at the picture, the more the colours seemed to really work on the little things. Lucky for them. Would my earrings be as lucky? Ah.

Photo courtesy:

So I began, as usual, by rummaging through my bead collection. Most of the colours were easy to locate, except for the purple-ish blue-ish (what is that color? Periwinkle?) colour of the crown and face. So I settled for a close match.

I was pretty sure from the start that I wanted to make a pair of X-Factor earrings. I initially wanted to use both green cords, but I realized that with the very, erm, interesting colours that would make up the rest of the earring, that might not be the best idea. So I settled for the darker green, since that’s the most prominent colour in the picture. Next in line is that beautiful-colour-which-can’t-be-identified. Ideally, I would like to have used seed beads of this colour with my lovely Irish Green seed bead mix for the curves of the X-Factors, but since all I could find were bigger beads for the focals, I decided to use the oranges with the greens. I first experimented with using only oranges and reds on the inner curves of the earrings, and only greens on the outer curves of the earrings, but that was turning out to be a bit too Indian-flag-esque for my liking. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before. Greens, oranges and bluey-purpley-whatever. The only thing missing was white.

Anyhow, I pushed on and decided to mix the greens and oranges together. Now for the dangles, I wanted to add more of the blue-purple, but I just couldn’t find a match. So I frantically looked and looked and looked some more, until I stumbled upon a packet of assorted Czech seed beads and found them! Lots and lots of almost blurple! And I wanted to beat my self over the head with my work-board. I did have seed beads that I could have mixed with the greens to match the colour proportions in the picture! But my earrings were done, and I didn’t miss the whole PwP scene so much to be willing to redo them. So, I used Dark Indigo Swarovski crystals with a couple of my new-found seed beads for the dangles. And they were ready!

The more I look at them, the more I like them. Very unusual, yes. But, just like with the birds, somehow the colours seem to ‘go’. And if you look closely, the earrings actually look like little birds! With their purpleblue heads, and their green wings with hints of orange, and the red of their eyes scattered all over the place, perched on a branch with their tail feathers hanging below. Okay, I’m pushing it. But there you have it! A very happy, very vibrant pair of earrings.

~ Kirtana


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