Crown Hot Melt Glue Gun – Review

Crown Hot Melt Glue Gun claims to be ‘of superior quality’ and ‘great for joining all mediums’. It’s the only make we managed to easily find in the time we had, and as it was sourced from a good local store we were pretty sure that it would work just fine.


Our main requirement was something that we could use to attach bows to hair clips. We tried a few makes of super glue, but somehow their effectiveness was not consistent. After doing some research online, we found out that a lot of people use glue guns for such projects. Hence the buy.

We must have tried using the glue gun to make at least three different types of clips, but nothing stuck – not felt, not wooden buttons, not ribbon. We tested by gently pulling at the embellishment, and irrespective of the material, they came clean off the clip. The glue sticks well to paper, and we had little success prying it off the felt, but it seemed to have no interest in sticking to the metal surface of the clip.

We did let the glue get as hot as it could get – it even started uncontrollably oozing out from the mouth of the gun. But nothing seemed to work. Needless to say, we were sorely disappointed.

Just based on the requirement that we had, and the glue gun’s failure to meet that requirement, here is our rating –

star-20-coloring-page 2star

Buy it if
• You don’t really want to be able to ‘stick all mediums’. The glue gun does work well on paper, but then again, that’s what we have other normal glue for, right?

Don’t buy it if
• You’re looking to stick other materials onto a metal surface.

(If any of you have used this product with more success than we have, we’d love to hear from you!)

~ Kirtana


2 thoughts on “Crown Hot Melt Glue Gun – Review

  1. Hey Kirtana! Glad i found your blog cz i wouldve piled up too many glue sticks trying to figure out wats wrong with the way im working with my glue gun! I got this one online from itsybitsy n it was the first time i was tryin hot glue gun. I finished 2 sticks tryin my luck but all in vain 😦 Which one are u using now? any suggestions ?

    Angela Jose

    • Hi Angela!
      We bought the glue gun from there, too. Unfortunately, I haven’t found a replacement yet! Will keep you posted in case I stumble across a good adhesive. Let me know if you find something else in the meantime! 🙂

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