Purple Pastels 16.09.13-20.09.13

Photo courtesy: design-seeds.com

This week’s PwP is a beautiful mix of pastels in shades of purple and blue. I love these colours, so this was a relatively easy one for me. I had a lot of fun laying out the beads I’d need. I’ve been itching to use some new beads I’d got, and this was the perfect opportunity!


You can see my selection here. I was extremely excited about the purple flowers pictured on the extreme left, and the seed beads. I’d also bought a few engraved strand separators, and with this soothing colour palette, I thought the one with ‘dream’ on it would be just right.


Who doesn’t need a reminder to keep on dreaming, every now and again?

This piece was a lot of fun. It kept evolving as it progressed, and while this normally means a lot of extra work, and I don’t always enjoy re-stringing, this time, it was exciting from start to finish. I started out with a clear vision of what I wanted the bracelet to look like. I was in the mood for something whimsical, and out of the ordinary, and so I decided to string seed beads on one side of the bracelet, and use larger beads on the other side.

Once I had my four strands strung to a reasonable length, I suddenly had a brain-wave. K just taught us all how to do a good square knot earlier this month, and how to make jewellery with it on our Project Sunday. I was inspired to try it with my seed bead strands. For the record, this is not easy, and the knots didn’t want to have the same tension, so it took a lot of patience and a little bit of sweat!


So that’s what it looked like once I was done. The thing with square knots is that the outer cords are doing the knotting, so their lengths get much shorter than that of the core cords. I used a large crimp bead – normally used for very thick cord – to secure these ends.

I then began stringing the beads – Czech fire polish, crystal and glass – on the other end. And I finished it up with that beautiful three-petal flower.  Here’s what that looked like.



But as I was taking the photos to show you all, I noticed that the two strands of beads wouldn’t stay put! I don’t know why I expected them to, really, because there’s nothing keeping them together, but I didn’t like the way the strands looked, flopping so far apart. I like movement in my pieces, but I like it when it’s movement I intend the piece to have! So it was back to the stringing board for me, and I wove the two strands together, while keeping the basic layout the same.


Now that I had finished up one end with the flower, I decided to create a loop from the seed bead tails, to secure the bracelet. I had a lot of ideas for how to do this, but most of them involved running two strands of beading wire through the same seed beads, and Delicas don’t have a large enough bore for that. I settled for crimping them together at the right length.


I then checked to see that the flower and loop stayed together securely. They do! And, after further experimenting, and getting K and our mum to fling their wrists about, we discovered that people with extra dainty wrists just need to place the loop around the blue crystals below the flower for the most secure grip.


In keeping with the flowy, flowery theme, I ended the seed bead strands in two tiny tails, to lead off from the flower.


So there you have it –  the finished piece! It’s everything I imagined it would be – free-spirited and unusual. It is very flexible and sits perfectly on the wrist!

What do you guys think? Do you like it? Is it a little too odd? Let me know! And have a great weekend!



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