Micro Macramé – An Introduction

So you all know that I love love love Micro Macramé, you’ve learnt one of the most basic Macramé knotting techniques, and you’ve also probably read the tutorial on how to make a bracelet using the same knotting technique. But what is Micro Macramé?

Macramé is an art of textile making using various knotting techniques. Believed to be of Arabic origin where they used the technique to create decorative fringes on their towels, for centuries now people have used this art form to make other decorative items – from wall hangings to baskets to clothes. Hemp, jute, yarn, linen and leather are common materials used in Macramé projects.

One of the most popular macramé themes – the owl. (Picture sourced from Wikimedia)

Modern clothing – bringing back the 70’s. (Picture sourced from Amazon.com)

Micro Macramé is essentially the same thing, except it uses materials that are much more delicate. The cords are much thinner, and the projects are usually much much smaller than the regular Macramé projects. While Macramé projects in general take a lot of time, effort and patience, in some ways Micro Macramé is more challenging, because not only does it take a lot if time, effort and patience, but you’re also working with really fine materials, and the knotting process then becomes trickier.

One of my Micro Macramé projects – a wave bracelet with 4mm wooden beads and 1.5mm cord.

Even with Micro Macramé, you choose cords of different thickness for different projects. For example, the bracelet in the picture above turned out to be a fun, chunky piece of jewellery.  On the other hand, I used thinner cord and smaller beads for another bracelet (below), and this one turned out to be a more delicate piece.

0.7 mm cord and smaller 8/0 seed beads. And yes, that is a lot of cord!

For pieces that are small to begin with, like earrings, thinner cords make for more dainty pieces, while thicker cords sometimes make the piece too bulky. Whereas with necklaces and bracelets, the thickness of cord will generally depend on what kind of look you’re going for and what kind of beads you’re using.

Fan earrings with embroidery thread and seed beads – 11/0 and 6/0

Necklace with 1.5mm cotton cord knotted in true Micro Macramé style 😉

So there you have it. A tiny little introduction to my absolute favourite style of jewellery making. I still have a long long way to go in terms of refining my style and making more complex pieces of jewellery, but it’s a journey that I know I’m going to love.

~ Kirtana


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