Shelled {Teal} ~ 09/09/13 – 13/09/13

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I love the beach. I want to go to the beach. Now. But since I can’t, I picked a PwP for myself to keep me somewhat satisfied until I can actually dig my toes into the sand – Shelled {Teal}.

I had a real tough time picking a challenge from the amazing collection that the website has. Usually, we pick these challenges because they force us to use colours in combinations we would never use, left to ourselves. I admit that this time around, I took the slightly easy way out, as one of my favourite go-to colour combinations is the blue-brown combo. But I was nonetheless really excited about it because my plan was to use this colour combination to make a necklace that I knew was really going to challenge me. It’s something that I’d wanted to try for a long time, once again taking inspiration from an amazing MicroMacramé artist whose Facebook page I accidentally stumbled upon.

Thankfully, it more or less went pretty smoothly. Except that it took me over 6 hours to make the necklace. No, really, I’m serious.

I started by choosing my beads. I found a nice spread of blues and browns. And I was especially happy that my cord was a very close match to one of the shades of blue. I also threw in fish connectors, just to add to the beach-y theme.

Here’s a better look at the blues and browns. I chose a mix of Toho beads in shades of teal, some teal Magatama beads, turquoise beads, and blue S-Lon cord. For the browns, I chose two Czech seed bead mixes – Tortoise Brown Amber, and Chocolate Mud Pie. I also thought that my Avocado/Pink Tohos would fit in nicely.

So I began. I cut my cords, each of 135cm length. I attached them to the fish connector, and started my knotting. Two hours later and all I had managed were the first three diamonds. By now I was quite worried that it was taking way too much time.

But I persevered, hoping that things would move quickly now that all I had to do was string my beads onto the cords. Unfortunately, a couple of hours later, I was still stuck stringing and knotting. I decided to call it a night and continue the next morning. A few hours more, and I finally managed to finish it! Finally!

So there it is. I like how it feels all flow-y and wavy and water-like, with what look like little stones and shells interspersed. If you look at the picture of the shell again, you’ll see how the browns and blues are interspersed on the surface of the shell too. I think that not only my beads, but the entire design fit really nicely into the ‘Shelled {Teal}’ challenge! I’m really happy with the outcome!


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